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SURI FREY in three words: Versatile.

Artistic. Individual. We are the brand for free spirits, individualists and a different mindset. A brand that is not fixed on any specific fashion type and style, which is relaxed about trends and reinterprets them in an idiosyncratic fashion. The basic idea behind SURI FREY can best be described in two words: think freely. We are convinced that everyone can shape their lives as they please. That everyone should let her mind run free and be as she wants. We are like you - not part of a homogeneous mass with the same profiles, interests and goals, not mainstream. We try to be "the best version of ourselves" every day, have our rough edges and go through the day with a light feeling. We dance confidently out of line, love some fashionable rebellion and well-dosed self-staging. You too? Think freyly and join us!

Versatile. Individual. Just like you.

What is most important to us is to bring the easy way of life – our SURI FREY feeling – into your life as well. That's why we are so versatile, alive and refreshingly different. For us, it's not about drawing different types, putting our products and customers in a pattern and putting a stamp on them. Therefore, in our SURI FREY shop there are some accessories such as handbags, backpacks, purses, belts, jewellery and watches as well as fashionable jeans for every fashion lover. From young fashionistas who romp around and try out various styles to self-confident women who know what their favourite jeans must have to make them fit their beautiful curves perfectly. Because as versatile, changeable and undefined as our brand is, we can say one thing with absolute certainty: SURI FREY is part of life. Questions like "In which jeans do I have the perfect butt?" or "Which jewellery fits to the casual look?" are in our heads right from the start and set new product developments in motion. This is how we create authentic street looks made of high-quality products that leave room for your own style. Fashionable, lifelike, peppy but not smooth, one-dimensional or inconspicuous.

Artistic. Lively. Without being crazy.

As avowed freethinkers we love it uncomplicated and informal, but also varied and creative. How do we pack lightness and FREYheit into our products? In each collection we create a change of scenery by creating a different SURI FREY world and show you not only new products but also a new perspective. Whether jeans, shoe, belt, handbag or watch - each of our products has our trademark, the "Y" in hand lettering style, which symbolises the artistic-creative perspective and liveliness of SURI FREY. Sometimes discreetly as a pendant of your favourite jeans, sometimes artfully integrated into your SURI FREY watch. However, the artful highlight lies hidden inside our products: every season our designers take out pen and quill and design an imaginative lining, which lets your SURI FREY bag, shoes or jacket mature into a small work of art and collector's item. And bring a piece of SURI identity into your lifestyle!

Mediocre? Not our thing.

We love trends, like to go in other directions and follow new trends. But not blindly. Or without thought. But with a lot of passion, attention to detail and an eye for the extraordinary. In this way there is a harmonious mix of classics, which are never-out of style, and bold fashion trends that set new trends and give your look a new perspective. We attach great importance to smart product design and high quality. From the smallest decorative rivet to the zip used every day to handles, hinges and all-encompassing materials - quality begins in detail and never stops. All materials are carefully selected and checked for skin compatibility.

We play with fashion, but let nothing dictate us. We have our own style and are keen to experiment. Just like you! That's why our looks and accessories are made to accentuate your style, not to turn it around. In a delicate necklace, casual jeans or stylish bag, we do not just see a product or means to an end. We see the stories behind it, connect emotions and the best experiences with them. Because the world belongs to those who think FREY!

In a nutshell: 3 words for …

SURI FREY bags – elegant, exceptional, alternative.

Our handbags, backpacks and purses are manufactured from high-quality fine synthetic fabric, canvas or textile fabric. What is special about our “SURI material”? We have managed to create a real alternative to leather bags and give plastic bags the quality, appearance and a soft, almost genuine leather feel. The added extra: exceptional embossing and unique laser cuts that combine material and form.

SURI FREY jeans - comfortable, casual, beautiful fit.

Slim cuts and trendy denim styles are typical for our jeans with a 5-pocket look. From skinny jeans to casual boyfriend styles, high to low waist, classic blue jeans to hip statement jeans with pearls, sparkling stones and studs - every denim lover will find his new favourite pair of pants.

SURI FREY jewellery & watches – trendy, sparkling fashion statements.

A bit of gold and silver, a bit glitz, glitter! Without the watch on your wrist or your favourite necklace around your neck, you feel incomplete and do not leave the house? Our jewellery and watch collection combines trendy elements with high-quality materials suitable for allergy sufferers and shows itself in a colourful style mix from sporty-timeless to simple and elegant to absolutely hip. The highlight: our anchor chain "Freyly" with "Y", "THINK FREYLY" and Peace pendants, which spread our simple SURI feeling in simple silver and glitter.

SURI FREY belt – distinctive, stylish, well formed.

Without the right belt, nothing is right! Whether slim and subtly hidden behind an oversize shirt or strikingly embroidered with studs and worn as a cool accessory - the belt ensures that the jeans fits snugly and we feel completely comfortable. In our diverse belt collection you will find your accessory for a perfect fit!

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