Terms of Payment

  • Advance payment: Advance payment by bank transfer
  • Payment on account 
  • Credit card Visa/Mastercard
  • Cash on delivery 
  • PayPal

Where can I find bank details for the Advance payment method?

You can find our account details here: Our bank detailsWe will also send you the account details separately. 

Is my data safe?

SSL encryption ensures your data is transmitted safely. 

In which countries can I order on an invoice?

Customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can order on invoice.

Why is a payment method not available?

Not all payment methods are always available. This depends on the amount of the order, the type of goods and whether you are a new customer or have already ordered. We check your order after receipt! If the desired payment method is not accepted for various reasons, we will inform you immediately. Please understand that our customer service cannot provide any further information for reasons of data protection.

With the payment method credit card, when will the debit take place? 

When paying by credit card, both Visa and Mastercard, we charge your account on the day of shipping. 

Can I post back amounts as a customer?

If you pay by direct debit (D) or credit card, there are charges for chargebacks by you as a customer. These currently amount to EUR 15.00 for direct debits and EUR 50.00 for credit cards. Please do not book the amount back to save these expenses: we will reimburse you for the amount!

How much does cash on delivery cost?

You must pay the carrier when the package is handed over. Here you can view the cost of the payment method cash on delivery directly at DHL Cash on delivery DHL

In which countries can I order by means of cash on delivery?

This payment type is possible only for orders within Germany.

How does PayPal work?

Further information here

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